Bryan Singer Picks Up Rights To ‘Haunted’ Supernatural Comic

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X-Men: Days Of Future Past director is looking to add to his comic book movie collection with the supernatural novel, Haunted.

Created by indie company, Red 5 Comics, Haunted appears to have a big fan in director Bryan Singer. His production company, Bad Hat Harry, recently picked up the rights to the comic in hopes of producing it for theatric consumption.

The comic, which will be out at the end of April, follows what happens when the “barrier between our world and the spirit realm” is completely, albeit mysteriously torn apart. An invasion by all sorts of spooks, creepy creatures, poltergeists and more begin to flood the living world. Thirteen years later, after the world is no more, we meet Sarah McCallister, a young woman who survives by keeping to herself. A chance meeting with a gang of heroes promise an opportunity to return the world to normal, leaving Sarah with no other choice than to trust strangers for the first time.

“The problem with most ghost stories is that if the characters simply leave the haunted house, all of their problems are over,” Haunted writer Scott Chitwood said. He worked on the book with artist Danny Luckert and colorist Ivan Plascencia. “But if the entire world is the haunted house, there’s nowhere to run or hide. Imagine the end of Ghostbusters, but with the heroes failing and Gozer taking over the world.”

Pretty wicked concept, right? Well, that’s all we get from everyone for now. No other details were released about how the project will be adapted — assuming it goes forward. Given that Singer is busy polishing Wolverine’s claws for both this year’s Days Of Future Past and 2016’s Apocalypse (assume he does direct that one), it’s more likely he’ll develop it for someone else to make.”

You can learn more about Haunted by visiting their official site HERE.

Props: SlashFilm