Chiwetel Ejoifor, Steve McQueen and Barkhad Abdi Win BAFTA Awards



Yesterday (Feb. 16), 12 Years A Slave continued its winning streak at the annual BAFTA awards, also known as the British Oscars. Steve McQueen graciously accepted the award for Best Film while Chiwetel Ejoifor won the award for Leading Actor.

In a heartfelt speech, McQueen said he knew he had to tell Solomon Northup’s story after he read the book.

“As soon as I had the book in my hand it was a revelation. Every page was a revelation,” he said. “We can put it back in its rightful spot. Everyone in the world now knows who Solomon Northup is.”



Somalian actor Barkhad Abdi is also celebrating a win for Best Supporting Actor in Captain Phillips. In light of Black History Month, these accomplishments are extra special for our community.

Photo credit: Getty images