Chris Brown Facing New Assault Charges


Chris Brown

Chris Brown’s past is still haunting him.

Following his pardon from jail, a new charge emerges claiming the singer and entourage beat a man on a basketball court last summer. According to the Daily News, Malcolm Ausbon filed a civil lawsuit stating Brown and 3 members of his entourage jumped him at after a dispute over a foul. The incident occured at the 24-hour fitness in North Hollywood ,but landed him in an emergency room with a fractured rib, cuts, and bruises.

“He was jumped, beaten and dazed, and at some point my client made a police report about the incident and is waiting for police follow-up. Police never followed up,” Ausbon’s attorney Stephen Wegman told the news site. “Imagine going to play a game of basketball, and you get jumped by four guys because you call a foul–This isn’t for fame or fortune. He’s got medical bills and issues as a result of some famous guy thinking he’s above the law.”

Due to the incident, Malcolm is suffering from distorted vision, dizziness, nervousness, embarrassment, PTSD, and other issues cited by his lawyer. Ausbons is charging Brown, his team, and the gym for assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligence.

Brown’s lawyers have yet to comment: Vixens, what are your thoughts on this case?

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