Comedy Week: 20 Comedians To Watch In 2014


We have our comedic icons like Richard Pryor and Jim Belushi, and living legends such as Eddie Murphy and Jerry Seinfeld. We’re clear that our Kings of Comedy are masters like Chris Rock and Louis CK. But which funny men and women will make up that next generation of genius jokesters isn’t so clear. This is where we come in. To cap off our gut-busting #Comedyweek we’ve decided to inform our entrusted who got next in the world of comedy. Here’s our Top 20 list (in order). Warning: do not consume food or beverage when viewing, or while in an environment which asks for quiet. No joke.

1. Michael Che @CheThinks
Born: New York City
Current Fame: SNL, writer (NBC)
Style: Fresh & Direct

Funniest memory before the age of 10…
When I was six, I saw a porno and the guy put his dong in a hot dog bun. I laughed uncontrollably. but then when I saw the lady try to eat it, shit got real.

Favorite SNL character
I have so many favorites, but if I had to choose it’d probably be Tracy Morgan’s “Woodrow.” He lives in a sewer and writes sweet nonsensical ballads about “doo-doo pies.” It’s perfectly insane.

First time on stage
An open mic in the west village. I got really drunk beforehand. I have no idea how well or bad I did. It was probably a terrible set, but it just felt right. I got onstage every day for the next however many years.

Who is hilarious but doesn’t realize how funny they are?
Any bigot. Bigots are hysterical, and they have no idea. I can talk to a bigot for hours, and not even in a condescending way. I just love ridiculous sweeping generalizations.

If you weren’t a comedian, which occupation would you have?
I’d be a guy at a job he hated, daydreaming of ways to sue the city, and never work again. I used to do that all the time: sit and wonder, “How hard do I have to get hit by a city bus to sue for millions, yet still have functioning limbs and penis?”

While masturbating, what ethnicity is the person you’re envisioning?
When I’m masturbating, I envision my women like my coffee: dark, hot, foreign, and hiding cocaine.

Your Miss Right loves comedians. When you meet her, your first line will be…
Knock knock, bitch!

What’s next?
Hopefully, I’ll keep writing for [SNL] and tour on the off weeks. It’s a fun pace. Next year, I’d like to record a comedy album titled, Beyonce’s New Album.