Deadmau5 Challenges Justin Bieber To Drag Race

When it comes to Deadmau5 (aka Joel Zimmerman) it seems there is never a short supply of mainstream celebrities that have managed to piss him off. From Kanye to Madonna, the producer has always managed to dish out criticism masked in sarcasm mercilessly and now currently his ongoing feud with Justin Bieber at a recent press conference for the Juno Awards. The pop singer and producer, though both Canadian natives, have had some bad blood between them since Justin ruined Joel’s chances to get on television program ‘Top Gear’ so you can imagine the Juno Award nominee’s heated response when asked about Justin’s latest drag racing arrest:

“Bieber! Yes, yes, yes, let’s talk about Bieber. Nobody talks about Bieber.”

This was then met with a special offer for the Biebs.

“If they do extradite him to Canada, I think we should have a drag race. Me in my souped up car, him in whatever the (hell) he wants. … (A) rental. With insurance.”

If the challenge was accepted is another story, but we hope Zimmerman decides to race Bieber in his new Nyan Cat Ferrari (458 Spider). Stay tuned also for updates on Deadmau5’s latest album, which is due to drop around “March-ish.”

Source: Calgary Herald