Did Lupita Nyong’o Confirm Jared Leto Dating Rumors? [Video]


Jared Leto and Lupita Nyong'o

Love is in the air–supposedly.

After a few snap shots of our new “it” girl Lupita Nyong’o being swooned by fellow Oscar nominee Jared Leto hit the net, rumors of a romance were non-stop. Yesterday (Feb. 21), the 12 Years a Slave star neither confirmed or denied their relationship during a visit to Ellen.

“But I thought Miley Cyrus broke us up? That was the last thing I heard. But you know, it’s crazy because when I read these rumors they’re so detailed that even I start to question whether they’re true or not! I know that I believed them in the past but now I can’t believe them anymore,” she clarified for the audience.

She never gave a clear yes or no, so we’re keeping these two under our relationship radar. Check out more photos of them on the next page.