Did T.I. Help Squash the Rick Ross/Jeezy Beef?


Not long ago, when you heard the phrase “War Ready” in the same sentence as Rick Ross and Young Jeezy’s names, you would be sure that the two were on opposing sides. Now, the two have set their differences aside and debuted a track by that name for Rick Ross’ upcoming Mastermind album. But how exactly did these two squash the beef? According to TMZ, it was with the help of T.I.

Back in 2012, Rick Ross and Young Jeezy were involved in a confrontation backstage at the BET Hip-Hop Awards. Stemming from previously exchanged words between the two, the beef came to a head during a brief scuffle that left both rappers at odds thereafter. But after a conversation with T.I., it seems Jeezy had some sense talked into him.

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Apparently, the Grand Hustle boss had a “heart-to-heart” with Young Jeezy to encourage him to adjust his priorities. “He was focusing on bad blood rather than what was important — MAKING MONEY,” T.I. told TMZ. After this discussion, the article claims that Rozay and Jeezy were reminded of a common goal, and buried the hatchet to record “War Ready.”

Looks like we all can just get along after all.