Is DJ Clue Recording An EDM Album?

DJ Clue may be looking to join a growing list of his counterparts who have hopped the electric fence (and survived) to produce dance music.

Sift through Clue’s Instagram account and you’re liable to come across several photos of the famed DJ posing in clubs with rappers, athletes, his celebrity acquaintances and other DJs. But an unusual filtered photo of Clue standing next to super-producer Tiesto (above) begs the question: Is Clue planning on recording an EDM project like his Dutch DJ pal?

“I would like to venture off and do more concert music,” he admits during a taping of McDonald’s Flavor Battle DJ Competition. “I’ve done R&B, I’ve done reggae before, why not EDM if the opportunity presents itself?”

In recent years, Just Blaze, Aaraab Muzik, Green Lantern and A-Trak have all straddled the hip-hop/EDM boundaries, challenging their traditional listeners to embrace a genre that shines the spotlight on the DJ booth. Even DJ Drama, who’s Gangsta Grillz series is as grimey as it gets, confessed his love for electronic trap music and admit to toying with the idea of producing an EDM album.

While it may be hard to imagine hearing Clue’s moniker echo over a bass-bumping, synthesized production without vocals, he firmly attests that although we may not be hearing a full-length EDM album anytime soon, he’ll never be locked into just one genre of music.

“I have all kinds of beats,” he boasts. “I got some house, EDM-type stuff and some hip-hop stuff that I’m looking to drop in 2014.” —Christopher Harris

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