DJ Spotlight: Noisecontrollers Bas Oskam’s Album Mix Premiere


Following a civil and public breakup, remaining Noisecontrollers member Bas Oskam is ready to show the world that he’s not finished with the music just yet with a new album, All Around. Carrying on the Noisecontrollers vibe and legacy, the album will sport some of the familiar sounds and aesthetics found in previous music along with some new techniques sported by Bas himself. Catch a sneak peak of what the album has in store with an exclusive mini-mix streaming below and follow the jump to get Bas’s take on going solo:

VIBE: How will your sound change from when Noiscontrollers was a duo act compared to today, when it’s gone solo?
Bas Oskam: As Hardstyle evolves, I evolve as a producer. I can tell this album has a more deeper and fatter overall sound. I made new kicks and mixed differently. I am really satisfied with the result. The album has also a bit more serious and melodic feeling. On the other hand, there won’t be any real differences, as last year I was responsible for the production of the hardstyle tracks anyway. For example the previous album E=NC2 was produced by me alone, besides the track “Knock Out.” Noisecontrollers always stood for an all-around sound within hardstyle. Hard and soft tracks came out of the studio. This album is no exception.

Watching the statement video, it seems the split was civil. What was the determining factor for Arjan leaving? Are you nervous, Bas, in take on this endeavor on your own?
Arjan and I are friends, and his decision is one made out of future ambitions, music-wise. As for me, I just dont feel finished producing and playing for this great scene we have. I still see many possibilities to bring hardstyle to the next level, and so I will try to do so and enjoy every minute of playing it for the fans. Of course I’m a bit nervous and I will miss Arjan when playing gigs, along with all the fun we had. On the other hand, I’m more than ever motivated to bring the fans new music, and have a great time together with them. The response on the new tracks and gigs are so overwhelming that I’m really looking forward to what the future will bring.

Tell us about the album mix you have for VIBE. How does it reflect the new album you have coming out this year?
Like I said before, it’s quite a deep album with a new overall sound. The kicks go deeper than anything out there at the moment. I used a totally new technique on that. I can say this album is both melodic and hard at the same time. I put both of that in this small mix.

You also have a mini tour in February. What can fans expect from your set/performance?
I just love to play in North-America. The atmosphere, the people, the growing scene, the gigs, everything. I’ve been there several times and it was always a great experience. This time, with the album coming up, the fans can expect many new tunes from Noisecontrollers and of course the newest tracks from all other great producers out there. Can’t wait!

So it’s February and Valentine’s Day is coming up. Any big plans with a special love interest?
I’ll play on Valentine’s day for the first time in Seattle and all my love interest will go to the fans and hardstyle-lovers out there.