Downgrading for Love: New Study Shows That Women Are ‘Marrying Down’




Would you downgrade for love?  A new study shows an increasing amount of women are now tying the knot with men who are not “on their level.”

The Pew Research Center discovered that American women are more likely to be better educated than their significant other. “In the more than half-century that Pew has tracked the issue, this is the first time that a higher percentage of women than men have married down,” LA Times reports. “Among college-educated newlyweds, 39 percent of women pledged their undying devotion to a non-grad. Only 26 percent of men did the same.”

Although 27 % of women “married down” in 2012, this data does not necessarily mean that women are smarter than men (coughs).

“The trend toward wives being more educated than their husbands are even more prevalent among newlyweds, partly because younger women have surpassed men in higher education in the past two decades,” the report adds.

While women are apparently marrying down when it comes to education, that’s not the case when it comes to money. According to that same study, 58% of educated women married men who earn more money.