Exclusive: DJs To Watch DVBBS Talk New Tour

This year’s “DJs To Watch,” Alex and Chris Van Den Hoef are taking their banger tracks on the road with a new tour. The “Never Stop Fvcking Rave Tour” kicks off February 7 in San Diego and sees DVBBS traveling across the globe, with stops at Ultra Music Festival among other massive venues, until the rave finally concludes with a live set on April 25 at the Euphoria Festival in Austin, TX.

We sat the duo, DVBBS, down for a head to head chat.

What can we expect from your live act on this new tour?
Chris: A sore Neck
Alex: We’re planning on bringing out some dope production, dropping a bunch of new tracks we have been working on for the last few months, and definitely just more crowd interaction and energy for almost two hours straight.

What’s your favorite festival and why?
Chris: So far, I really enjoyed Beyond Wonderland
Alex: HARD LA was definitely one of my favorites, was just such a stacked line up in downtown Los Angeles with 30,000 people going buck.

Describe your sound at this very moment?
Chris: Aggressively melodic.
Alex: I like the way Chris put that… We are definitely going to start incorporating melodic hooks with vocals – our own vocals that we will be singing on the tracks.

Where do you see yourselves in five years?
Chris: [Doing] the same thing.
Alex: If we haven’t injured ourselves from being psycho on stage, definitely see ourselves on a lot more main stages and world tours.

What DJ-producer is your biggest inspiration and why?
Chris: Showtek, Gesaffelstein, Tony Junior
Alex: Showtek for sure, they just do everything right, even their cross over phase from hard style to electro house was so rad, they are legends.

Best advice you ever got? From who?
Chris: Don’t be an asshole. Cant remember just seems understandable.
Alex: Don’t forget the people you started with. Gene Simmons from Kiss told us that