Exclusive Interview And Premiere With Bass Giant LAXX

UK bass giant LAXX gears up for the release of his debut EP, ‘Step One.’ Its title track has frequented sets by Flux Pavilion and dropped yesterday for free download. Today, we give you the first track of the EP, “The Unknown,” and it’s equally as epic. In “The Unknown” melodic trap vibes stumble into the uncharted territory of thick forest bass; snarl, and wobbles, and synth.

Crank up the volume, and read along as VIBE gets inside LAXX’s head.

VIBE: How would you describe your sound?
LAXX: It’s hard to describe my sound, I take influence from everything, but I’ve always tried to use my influences in a creative way, taking different styles and sounds and combining them with other genres I’m feeling. I kind of see music visually, and know what shapes and patterns are going to contrast and compliment each other, but a lot of the time its just about experimenting and not giving up! Thats when you come out with something unique and when I sit back and think, ‘this is a banger.’

Who are your biggest music influences?
I started getting into dance music after hearing the Chemical Brothers ‘Hey Boy, Hey Girl’. I love the darker sound to it and how it progressed and morphed over time, not just repetitive sounds like a lot of things I was hearing in the charts. Aphex Twin, Squarepusher and Venetian Snares all have a part to play too, I didn’t love all of it, but I felt inspired through how complicated and chaotic it was. I got big into drum and bass with Pendulum’s first album and started mixing records, and this I guess is how I got to where I am today.

Your debut EP comes out February 10th on Never Say Die. What was your creative process in making ‘Step One?’
I was liking all the ‘Trap’, if you can call it that, which I was hearing, and I was finding the majority of the Dubstep a bit taxing to listen to, and it wasn’t necessarily doing it for me in the same way it used to. So it was just a natural progression really, it’s kind of a mix between the two, but with my style and energy injected into it.

‘The Unknown’ is just a hybrid of ‘Step One’, but on steroids. I just wanted my records to make people lose it on dancefloors, with big drops, but not necessarily synth based. I wanted to write bangers that don’t have to follow the formula most people were sticking to, so it just happened subconsciously really. I love writing tracks like this though, it’s a sound I’ve shaped and I’ve got so many ideas to progress it.

What else can we expect from you in the coming months? Any collabs or tours in the works?
Lot’s and lot’s of solo material. I want to take the vibe to lots of different tempos and just experiment really. But there’s going to be a couple more parts to the ‘Step One’ series dropping in the next few months. Got a few remixes coming too, but you’ll just have to wait and see. I’m not even sure where my sound is going, but I can’t wait to find out.

What are your top five favorite tracks out right now?
There are too many to mention, so I’ll just go off the top of my head.
Snails & Botnek – “KRMT”
Zomboy – “Raptor” (Never Say Die)
Brillz and Teddy Tuxedo – “Rvtchet B*tch” (Milo & Otis Remix) (Slow Roast)
Henry Fong, Toby Green – “Revival” (NYMZ Remix) (Megaton)
Astronaut – “Apollo” (Barely Alive Remix) (Disciple)

They’re all pretty different to from other. I just like the vibes throughout. The Milo & Otis thing is brilliant, really catchy in the weirdest way, and Barely Alive is going to have a big year this year, they’ve got a very unique sound. Also, anything Zomboy you can expect it to be massive.