Exclusive: Omarion Talks Anticipating Fatherhood, Keeping His Child In His Public Life And How ‘Sex Playlist’ Currently Parallels His Story


From the very start, Omarion is at a loss for words. “Today has been wonderful,” he tells VIBE over the phone. “I can’t really explain the type of emotions that I feel. I don’t even know how to explain it!” You can hear the joy in his heart as if it was beating right into your ear.

While couples worldwide swapped chocolate boxes, dined at Ruth’s Chris and scored some midnight nookie this Valentine’s Day, the former B2K crooner and his long-time girlfriend Apryl Jones shared in a bliss of their own. Using a sonogram video, the pair announced to their 350K combined Instagram followers that in a few months, they’d be swapping out their government names for Mom and Dad.

Omarion is diligently working on his forthcoming Sex Playlist album (his first solo release since aligning with Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group), but it’s clear that Little O’s arrival is the summer release date he’s looking forward to most. Celebs usually opt to keep personal developments like this private, but Omarion is more than happy to let his supporters in on the first-time journey.

“This is a moment that I’ll look back on, my child will look back on and say damn, that was dope,” O says, proudly. “‘My pops said this. He didn’t try to hide me or make me into this weird thing.’ No son, or no daughter, you are special. And that’s just what it is.”

VIBE hopped on the phone with the daddy-to-be to find out what kind of parent he thinks he’ll become, if the baby will follow his musical footsteps and how this new phase in his life falls perfectly in line with his forthcoming album. – Stacy-Ann Ellis (@stassi_x)

Please note: Many times during the conversation, Omarion uses “he” to address the unborn child, but as of now they do not know the sex of the baby. They are simply hoping for a boy. (“Every man wants a boy in the beginning. Period.”)

VIBE: First of all, congrats on your little bundle of joy! Can you tell us if it’s a boy or girl yet?
Omarion: Well, we don’t officially know yet, but we hope we’re having a boy. We’re willing it to be a boy.

Either way, it’s all exciting. What are you most looking forward to about fatherhood?
I’ve been talking a lot to my dad – who wasn’t able to be around in my life because of him being incarcerated – and he said that we had become closer because I’m having a child now. It’s so funny and it’s so interesting that that is true, with understanding the male perspective and going back and forth with him, understanding who I am, and even parenting. My dad gives me really good advice. I’m just really excited about the process. I’m the type of person that loves putting my energy in things and seeing the outcome. To have someone that’s like me, that’s gonna be my genetic gene code? The way I think, the way I act, the way I walk, just everything. That’s the coolest thing you can ever do in your life, so I’m just excited.

What kind of parent do you think you might be? Are you gonna be super hands on? Are you going to be a spoiler?
I think I’m definitely going to be super hands-on. I’ve been entertaining pretty much all my life. I’ve really given my focus, all of my love and everything I could conjure up in my mind as far as expressive emotions, I’ve given that to my music. Now when I think about raising a child, I think seeking out information and actually doing the research about it is important. Like what I feed my kids, what I teach them, the type of school. I’m thinking of a million things because I just want to be able to give him the proper tools so he can make up his mind about what he wants to become, the type of friends he wants to have. I just want to bring up my child in a community of love. I want him to be around all my talented friends. I want him to know that’s who he is and what he comes from. Art. I just think I’ll be a cool parent.

Both you and Apryl come from music backgrounds. Are you going to encourage your child to get into that?
My dad actually gave me advice. He said, what you’re going to have to do is put a whole bunch of things, a whole bunch of objects – toys, computers, a whole bunch of different things – in a room and see what he picks up. The next part of that is after seeing what he picks up, because he might pick up something and put it down, you gotta see what he holds on to. So really, I don’t have any preconceived notions about what I want my child to be. He will grow up in a musical home and he will grow up watching the game. He’ll have those attributes, but I definitely want to have “that thing” with my child. Where we dance and that’s like our thing, and it’s not like a thing. It’s not like you have to dance because I dance. No, it’s because that’s how we communicate with each other. That’s our bonding time. How fathers have football or doing baseball or something like that, I want my son to like dancing. The expressiveness and all the different layers and levels of that, because there’s so much vocabulary with dance. So many different genres of dance that I’m even experimenting with and experiencing now. It’ll be interesting to see what my child will gravitate towards, whether it be house or break-dancing, whatever. I just want to share that with him.

I’m not a parent yet, but I can imagine that there may be first-time jitters. Is there anything you’re nervous or worried about? >>

Photo Credits: Matthew Welsh