Facebook Founder Says WhatsApp Is Worth More Than $19 Billion


Making his first appearance as a keynote speaker at the weeklong Mobile World Congress Convention, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, found himself in Barcelona, Spain explaining his latest business purchase. Zuckerberg spoke in front of a room full of MWC convention attendees about buying the internationally used cross-platform mobile messaging app WhatsApp for $19 billion. One of Zuckerberg’s reasons for making the hefty purchase was to connect everyone on the planet by using the social app, which acts a free way to text internationally.

Admitting that the app was worth way more than what he paid for it, Zuckerberg is sure of the success of the app due to the rapid growth it has accumulated from the time it was first introduced.

“It will be a huge business,” said Zuckerberg. “WhatsApp is the most engaging app we’ve ever seen on mobile. It blows everything else away.”

The Facebook CEO says he believes that WhatsApp is subject to reach one billion users, just like Facebook.

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Bloomberg