Happy V-Day? Vibe Vixen Celebrates Vagina Appreciation Day!


It’s not the Valentine’s Day most people have in mind, but there are plenty of reasons to love and honor our lady parts.

The beauty of the vagina far exceeds those temporary troubling and overwhelming moments she’s inclined to lead us into the dreaded monthly. Through pleasure and pain, every morning we wake up attached to life’s most precious (and powerful) sex organ and it’s about time we set aside a day to show it the utmost appreciation! Together, we hold total world domination and keep life as we know it sustaining; and let’s not forget the perks of having subtle control over our counterparts. So while we’re basking in chocolates, gifts and late night nookie- take the time to appreciate our blessing below.

Our VIBE and Vibe Vixen staff got together and chatted freely about all the lovely things our vaggies would say if she could talk. It certainly has a voice, but what if  she could formulate her own opinions and prance through life as a free spirit; a completely separate physical form? Can you imagine what type of feelings your vagina would undergo? Her deepest dislikes? Or even how she would dress herself?

Well, we did. Happy V-day Vixens!

Flip the pages to read what our own vaginas would probably tell us.