Happy V-Day? Vibe Vixen Celebrates Vagina Appreciation Day!


sharifa1-Sharifa Daniels ( @realwizsharifa)

If your vagina could talk, what would it say?

She’d ask if I was drunk for a year when I dated my ex. The worst workout she had to continuously engage in.

What would it enjoy? 
My vagina definitely enjoys tongue massages. She would personally like to think who ever created it did it with her in mind.
What would it hate?
My vagina hates when aunt flow visits. That heffer always comes unannounced and doesn’t rain but pours on her parade.
If you could dress it up, what would it wear?
My vagina’s actually a nudist in ever sense of the word. She doesn’t like bushes nor cover-ups. She likes to breathe and spread her wings (or lips).
What’s so special about your vagina?
 The most special thing about my vagina is that she’s super clutch when in times of need.