Want To Go To A Hip-Hop Strip Club Take Over In NYC?


If you like a reverse cowgirl with your cowbell samples then #SGStripClub is your go-to party this weekend.

Tomorrow night (Friday, Feb 28) New York City party starter, founder of Win Music and DJ, Sean Glass, is bringing several hip-hop spinners to the poles, er, decks at the legendary jiggle joint, Scores.

Put your thing down flip it and reverse (cowgirl) it with this free hype mix from Glass. You’re going to need those dollars.

“I made this mix to give you a taste of what to expect at my Friday February 28 takeover party of Scores NY. I included my favorite strip club anthem of all time, the obvious one that opens and closes, but I saved my second and third favorites for the party, so you’ll have to come check out my set to hear it all. www.sgstripclub.com#sgstripclub #surfboard” – Sean Glass

Track Listing:
1. Beyonce
2. Beyonce Kanye remix
3. The Weeknd covering Beyonce
4. Beyonce Diplo remix
5. Some Hip Hop
6. Some Hip House
7. Some more Hip Hop
8. Beyonce
9. Kanye
10. Beyonce