How Mexico’s Biggest Drug Lord ‘El Chapo Guzman’ Was Captured


He has been referenced in countless rap songs and has a Scarface like persona.

Mexico’s biggest drug lord El Chapo “Guzman” has been officially taken into custody by authorities. Over the weekend, the heroin kingpin was arrested at a no-frills beachside condo tower in Mexico.

He earned his nickname from his ability to always stay one step ahead of the feds. In Spanish, Guzman’s name translates to Shorty,” which was given to him for his use of bribes, safe houses and an army of cartel helpers over the years.

The early morning operation in the Mexican Pacific resort town of Mazatlan marked went down without incident in the Sinaloa cartel leader’s capture. He had been tracked by informant information to a single aptartment.

CNN Reports:
Earlier police operations yielded a trove of intelligence, including cell phone and other data, a U.S. law enforcement official said. That helped Mexican authorities and U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agents hunting Guzman gain confidence in recent weeks that they could arrest him.

A key discovery earlier this month marked a turning point in the investigation: seven houses in the Mexican city of Culiacan, connected by secret tunnels that also tied in with the city’s sewage system.

“It made it so that in the minutes we took to open them, he escaped in the tunnels,” Murillo said. “But the investigation was so thorough that we continued.”

Before Guzman’s capture, Mexican federal forces made several significant arrests of Sinaloa cartel associates, including two people authorities said were suspected of providing security for top leaders of the cart

Watch a news report and his legacy by the numbers below.