Ice-T Hints At New Talk Show With Coco Produced By Ryan Seacrest

Ice Loves Coco may be old news like yesterday’s hashtag but rapper Ice-T and his wife Coco may be headed back to the small screen in no time.

In episode 3 of his Final Level podcast, the Law & Order: SVU star revealed that he and his spouse are teaming up with Ryan Seacrest for another show.

Although the rapper-personality couldn’t reveal too much about the new gig, he says that it’ll be more talk show than reality show.

“The reason we cut the Ice Loves Coco show is because reality TV, you can only do so much with reality TV,” he said. “When you’re doing reality television, at some point, you start to loop.”

The 25-year veteran says it’s about time to switch outlets and introduce fans to a new side of Ice and Coco. Put an ear to the full podcast above.