‘Inside His Mind’ Part 1: The Best Places To Find Men


church guy

This week, lifestyle blogger Derrick Jaxn lends his expertise to VIBE Vixen readers as he reveals the surprising truths about the opposite sex and their thought processes. Today, we’re getting a crash course on the kinds of men to avoid (or not avoid) and where they can be found.

“I’ve seen attempts at lists like this one and noticed that they usually leave out the vastly growing majority of women who happen to choose Mr. Wrong, yet find happiness in spite of. So, I’ve decided to be more inclusive and help you know what kind of men to meet and where they’ve been hiding.”

- Derrick Jaxn


The Saint-> Church

“I don’t say the word ‘saint’ in its generally accepted context of die-hard for Jesus, soldier on the battle field way. But you know the self-proclaimed chosen one who has a word straight from God every time he wants you to believe something? That guy. Now this isn’t the church’s fault, but unfortunately that’s where these saints flock for the surplus of faith that gets stirred up after a great sermon. They realize they can leverage that for their own agenda should a lonely woman be especially open to God’s blessing one Sunday afternoon. The nice pencil skirt and semi-closed blouse doesn’t hurt either.”