‘Inside His Mind’ Part 1: The Best Places To Find Men


gym time

The Disciplined-> Gym, Garbage Truck

“Okay, I know the gym is a toss-up, but the difference is in the man’s demeanor. If he’s constantly in the mirror or so happens to be on rep 1,000 when you walk by, then I’m not talking about him. If he’s with a pack of other meat heads screaming and growling just to stretch, then not him either. But for the guy who consistently comes in, gets his workout in and leaves; that’s a guy who mentally has taken charge of his health which is a good sign for how he handles the rest of his responsibilities. The blue collared worker is another one. Anyone that can wake up 3:45 in the morning enough consecutive weeks to keep a steady job deserves respect.


You’re probably thinking, ‘Wait, where are the rest of the places to meet the good men?’ Well, compare your ratio of frogs you’ve kissed to princes and you’ll see why the list is lop-sided. There’s no Good Men Members Only policy at any location, but the key isn’t to just meet a good man, but rather the right man for you. It doesn’t matter how many babies he saved from a burning building or what organs he’s donating when he dies; if you don’t have anything in common with him, it won’t work.”