‘Inside His Mind’ Part 2: The 4 Things Men Do Not Want For V-Day That Women Think We Do


On Valentine’s Day, nobody stocks the shelves with fluffy teddy bears, red roses, and balloons with a man’s happiness in mind. Why? Because men have pretty much been reduced to Neanderthal-like creatures; sex, silence, and sandwiches being the basic formula to meet our heart’s desire. While that’s not too far off base, most women rightfully aim to be better than just good enough but rather her man’s dream come true. But if you had any of these 4 things on the itinerary, you may need to go back to the drawing boards.

-Derrick Jaxn

1. Too much foreplay

You got about 5 minutes max. We can appreciate the creativity and effort, but our bodies aren’t designed to have gentle kisses all over for 3 hours just because you bought new underwear to do it in. Our anticipation will turn into restlessness, restlessness into aggravation, and aggravation into “this is the last time we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, on my mama, I swear.”