‘Inside His Mind’ Part 2: The 4 Things Men Do Not Want For V-Day That Women Think We Do



4. The same thing we get every night

Nightly, routine, mundane sex. “Do I have to get all the way undressed?” sex. “Can’t you just do it like this while I’m on my side?” sex. “Okay fine, but don’t you take all night. I got work in the morning.” sex. You get the point. Spice it up a bit. “Turn up” as the young people say. If you’re pornstar-awesome all the time, then make your awesome sex complimentary with something else. Like chicken wings or cheesecake. A man devouring delicious food while his woman devours him may just be the next best thing to winning a fight in front of all your friends. But by no means do you give us the exact same sex we get every night.