‘Inside His Mind’ Part 4: What A Man Won’t Tell You On Valentines Day



So, you’ve finally shut down our attempts to derail you from Valentine’s Day expectations leaving us with no other option other than to take a stab at it and hope you like. But one thing you can’t do is make us break our silence. We will give you your flowers and gifts, we will plan the day with surprises, but by no means shall we tell you what is really on our mind behind the smiles and “Hey babe, I got something for you” sentiments…until now.

-Derrick Jaxn

1. He knows the chocolates are nasty. Chances are he got curious in the grocery store and tried one or two…or three. But the sale was good and it’s the thought that counts. Hell, he’s not doing you a favor by getting you chocolate anyway since you’ve been trying to diet lately. Nasty chocolates are in your best interest.