Interview: Breaking It Down With Break Science


Adam Deitch and Borahm Lee, the two who make up Break Science, recently just wrapped up on their successful “Seven Bridges” tour, after releasing a new album and traveling across most of the U.S. Their multifaceted new album, Seven Bridges, is a mélange of genres all infused with an electronic base.

“The name kind of suggests the bridging of many genres together,” said Lee. “We just picked seven as a random number, but working out of Brooklyn that’s how many bridges we were able to see. There are many genres and roots of music that we fuse together. [This album] definitely defines us as musicians. We just wanted to represent our passion for all those kinds of music and how it influences the way we hear music.”

Borahm Lee is an accomplished pianist and Adam Deitch a highly skilled drummer. Both are avid fans of music and have been in the scene for quite some time before joining up with Pretty Lights Music Label.

“[Deitch and I] were introduced by a mutual musician friend of ours. His name is Stu Brooks and he plays bass in Dub Trio. We were all just in the New York City scene playing with a lot of different artists. We both happened to be working with the Fugees Camp at that time, with Lauryn Hill and Wyclef [Jean]. We had both done gigs with them individually, with me playing keys and Adam playing drums, so we were in the same circles. We started playing together in New York City with some other musicians at the time, and then eventually it just evolved into Break Science.”

The name “Break Science” envelops everything that Deitch and Lee represent. “The original ‘break beats’ started in the Bronx. They were the piece of the record where the instrumentation would stop and the drums would just go. Then the DJs at the time would take the part that was short and extend it,” Deitch explained. “It became the basis of hip-hop and break dancing – that whole culture. The ‘science’ part was just the idea of updating it. Borahm’s a master of keyboards and Ableton Live so he knows how to mix music with technology – that’s the science part. So the organic is there, and the science part is there as well.”

Later on, Derek Smith from Pretty Lights contacted them. “I got a call one day from management saying that Derek was interested… I think he had heard a little bit about Break Science or he heard a show – something like that. In 2010 we went to tour with all of them. Borahm and I were playing all of the stuff that we were working on, and Derek loved it. He said he would love for us to be a part of some label thing he’s trying to do, and he wanted to release everything for free. We liked where he was going with it so we did it.”

“We actually did a show with [Pretty Lights] before, and I thought it was a light show,” Deitch admitted. “I didn’t know it was like a DJ or a group.”

While the “Seven Bridges” tour has come to a close, the duo has much more lined up for them. They’re playing at Bonaroo this year, as well as Wakarusa and others. “We have a bunch of new songs we’re about to drop. I don’t know if we’re going to be doing an album next, or dropping song by song. We will be dropping a lot of stuff and some remixes.”

Listen to Break Science’s Seven Bridges here: