Interview: Eric Bellinger Talks Valentine’s Day Dates And How To Treat The Ladies


February is the month for lovers, so it was only right that we got some insight from R&B wordsmith Eric Bellinger on how to do it right for your lady this Valentines Day.

The talented singer/songwriter dropped his latest musical offering yesterday in the shape of his new album The ReBirth, the West Coast ladies man described it as “solid, R&B, classic, timeless music” earlier this year. VIBE caught up with Eric to talk about his love life and how to spoil your girl this Valentines Day. –Megan Saad

VIBE: When you’re dating where do you go to meet women? Do you worry about dealing with chicks in the industry who are well known?
Eric Bellinger:
It’s weird I always go back and forth on what I want to do and who I want to date. I want to be this power couple like Jay and B and then I’m like meh I don’t really want all that, I just want something simple. Then I’m like nah maybe I do want that. When I first meet them I lay it out what it is at the front and be real honest with them. So they support it and they’re like ‘yo whatever you want to do’ because I’m real honest and open to them like this is what I want, this is what I don’t want. It’s crazy how everything just works out in my favor.

Valentines Day is coming up soon, have you got any romantic plans?
Man, right now I’ve just been doing a lot of shows and I know that Valentines Day is a big day for lovers to go out and see a show together. So I’m probably going to do a cool event that night and then after I do my event I’ll probably go have my own event, little after party (cheeky grins) haha.

Are you seeing anyone right now?
Nah, not at all, just you know…chilling haha.

Can you give us five date ideas?
One, you can do the dinner at the crib. Fellas you gotta cook though, don’t cater, maybe some of y’all have to cater. But even if you don’t cater and it’s nasty maybe your chick, if she a real one, she’ll understand it’s the thought that counts. You’ve got to make sure you go all out though, candle lights and all that kind of stuff.

Two. Maybe take it back and do something like the hot air balloon. You see it back in the day on the TV and in the movies, I haven’t done it, but I think that that experience sounds like it would be something real fun. I don’t know over here in New York how y’all would do it, but I’m in LA so for me it’s going to be nice and sunny.

Three. You got the hotel of course. Depending on where you at, if you in LA you can do the beachfront, if you in New York or on the East Coast you might just have to have the woods outside with the snow. I think a hotel is dope. You got the hotel with the cool view, you’ve got to have the Jacuzzi in there, rose petals. Go all out, it’s one day a year. Even though it’s like why wait for Valentines Day I can do something special everyday, I feel like that’s just the day that they chose to represent it so just go hard.

Four. You can shower her with some gifts. I think every woman likes that. Go get her some lingerie, go get her some chocolates, whatever it is. You know your girl better than anybody, so you’ve got to take care of her on that.

Five. Whatever you do in your area of expertise. If you’re at work all the time, I feel like if your girl’s always understanding, do something to show her this is what I’m out doing everyday. For me I wrote a girl a song, maybe if you do poems or if you are a merchandising specialist get her some merch. Do what you do and make it the best, because it’s what you do and I feel like she’ll appreciate that.

Omarion spoke about giving a girl a soya milk bath one time to set the mood. What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for a woman?
Aye man to each his own. Man, I remember one time. Earlier I said a different one, so now I’m going to do a different one just because I want everybody to know that I’ve really got things under my belt. One time I went to Atlanta with somebody and we stayed in this hotel, it’s called The Mansion that’s probably one of my favorite hotels I’ve ever stayed at. They had everything electronic; it was just really, really dope. We just stayed in the room, had the food delivered, room service, massages. I did all that and just went all out and treated her special like she’s supposed to [be treated].

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