Interview: The Prototypes Talk New Bass Album


If you aren’t familiar with The Prototypes, get in the know, stat. The Brighton-based DJ/producer duo have been blowing up the scene in recent years with their polished, dancefloor-destroying drum and bass.

Returning to the label where it all started, Chris Garvey and Nick White aka The Prototypes are all set to drop bass bombs with their upcoming City of Gold LP. The first two tracks from the highly anticipated album is the otherworldly “Pale Blue Dot” and the anthemic “Lights” out February 23 and mark an exciting new chapter for both Viper Recordings and The Prototypes.

Check out our exclusive VIBE interview with the guys, after the music jump.

VIBE: Describe your sound in three words.
The Prototypes: Epic, slammin’, big.

Pale Blue Dot/Lights drop next week ahead of your highly anticipated City of Gold LP. What is your creative process in creating the tracks?
The creative process takes a few steps to the final tracks, but it all starts with vibes, weather that be a bass sound, drums, chord progression or just a sick synth noise / pad etc… it can be anything that sparks a new tune idea. Once that general idea is down we look at the bigger picture, we had a direction in our heads before going ahead with the album and its just about picking the right ones to go forward with that best portray that vision. Then it’s mixdown time, i have different stages i go through to get the mixes clean and refined down to the essentials that portray what the track is about.

What can you tell us about the forthcoming LP?
At the moment, we’re still keeping things under wraps, but you can expect up-front DnB plus a more musical side to come through, a few collabs and some different tempos.

What is happening in electronic music right now from your own perspective as producers?
Electronic music right now is strong. Love how Basement Jaxx are showing their head again, and I think we’re really going to see a resurgence in 90’s and 80’s influenced tracks.

Number one favorite DnB artist? Why?
At the moment Audio has smashed it with Headroom VIP and remixing ‘Hive – Neo’ one of our all time favorite tracks. Picking a favorite artist of all time is way too hard but producers like Ed Rush & Optical, Roni Size, Bad Company, early Pendulum, Mampi Swift and I’m sure a whole load more.