Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and Bryan Vera Go For Round 2


Middleweight boxers Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. (47-1-1, 32 KOs) and Bryan Vera (23-7, 14 KOs ) are returning to the ring for a rematch after their September 2013 fight where Chavez was victorious. The loss left Vera questioning the decision that was made by the officials. After the fight, there was quite an upheaval for the fact that Chavez threw 320 punches and Vera threw 734, and Vera left the ring hardly bruised, whereas Chavez left the ring with a swollen face and a cut up nose.

“The winners of Saturday night will be the fans because we’re gonna give them a great show, one of the best fights of the year,” says Chavez of the upcoming battle.

In this episode of HBO Boxing, correspondent Kieran Mulvaney reports from the Chavez Jr. and Vera final press conference in San Antonio, Texas, before their rematch. Both fighters are eager to take the ring to duke it out so they know who the “real” champion is once and for all.

“All I’m worried about, is going out there and winning the next fight,” says Vera.

Chavez Jr. vs Vera II happens Sat., Mar. 1 at 9:45PM ET/PT on HBO.