Is Justin Bieber ‘Partying’ Too Hard In His New ATL Studio?


We know for a fact that musicians aren’t going to stop using drugs. Artists have been ingesting “party favors” during their recording sessions since the beginning of time.

Unfortunately, when you are somebody like Justin Bieber, your alleged drug use is front page news. TMZ is now reporting that the Biebs is at an all time high with his penchant for Lean and Weed. Sources tell TMZ Justin has no supervision at his new Atlanta studio and that the drugs are free flowing. Apparently, he is eliminating anybody in his camp who tries to “rat” him out or stop his behavior.

TMZ Reports:
Justin Bieber is going harder than ever on sizzurp and weed since living in Atlanta … multiple friends involved in his life tell TMZ.

TMZ broke the story … Justin has had an alarming problem with sizzurp for well over a year, and he’s been a big fan of weed for a long time. But since moving to Atlanta, we’re told he’s “constantly high” … rarely leaving the house. As one source said, “Drinking more lean, smoking more weed than ever.”