Justin Bieber Rejecting Plea Deal?


The plea deal offered to Justin Bieber has him feeling some type of way. The 19-year-old singer has reportedly rejected the plea deal offered by prosecutors regarding last month’s DUI charge, according to TMZ.

The plea deal is said to include random drug testing, community service, and a public alcohol education class…basically anything that could possibly put a damper on his bad boy ways. The Biebs reportedly does not want to take the alcohol ed courses because he fears he’ll look like a spectacle (too late) and doesn’t want anything to do with probation.

Sources close to Bieber tell the gossip site that his camp isn’t accepting the plea deal because they believe that there are some false allegations about what happened that January night in Miami. There are concerns that the officer who arrested JB lied about him reeking of booze and observing him drag racing.

The “Broken” crooner is due in court March 3.