Justin Bieber Was Driving At A Whopping 138 MPH Before Arrest in Miami


On the night that Justin Bieber caught his DUI charge in Miami, it seems the police department’s claim that the singer had been “drag racing” before being pulled over is flawed http://www.vibe.com/article/justin-bieber-may-get-dui-charge. According to TMZ, Bieber was clocked in at a mere 27 mph at the time of his arrest, which was under the speed limit on Pine Tree Drive.

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However, according to that same GPS readout, the 19-year-old bad boy was going at a whopping 136 mph, just hours before, in the Lamborghini Gallardo he was pushing. Recorded on the Julia Tuttle causeway in Miami Beach, Bieber hit 108 mph before accelerating to 138 within one minute.

Take a look at the GPS readout obtained by TMZ below: