Watch: Kanye West Calls Himself ‘Top 5 Of All Time’


Oh, Yeezus.

On this episode of “inspirational talks with Kanye West,” the Yeezus tour hits Albany, NY. In what has now become an expected portion of the show, West took a minute (or nine) to address the crowd, “humbly:”

“This is top five, dead or alive, rap god shit right now,” he said. “I’m humbly top five of all time! Dead or alive. Humbly.”

After following up his stance with a run-through of his verse on “N*ggas in Paris,” West returned to his speech, covering a subject he has referred to on many occasions: his own creative genius. He even gives honorable mention to other rappers that could possibly round out his “top 5” list.

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“When I say ‘genius,’ why is that so offense? Like I hurt somebody by calling myself a genius. Rap is about geniuses. Like, when you go to school, don’t they talk about poets like they geniuses,” he asked the crowd. “What y’all witnessing, Wayne, Eminem, Drake, Jay Z right now in front of you, doing genius work. But because we got gold chains and we got gold teeth, they don’t wanna think that we geniuses. Cause I got a man-skirt on right now, they don’t wanna think I’m a genius.”

Referring to his Yeezus album as “liquid cocaine” “sonic espresso,” West then made a comparison of art to sports, another subject that he has previously addressed. Stating that art doesn’t get respected as much as professional sports, West called his show “a slam dunk,” saying that he comes to arenas and plays “one on no one.”

Watch Kanye West’s latest onstage rant in the video above.