Kendrick Lamar Talks Drake Collabs, Morals He Lives By And Projects Outside Of Music With ‘I-D Online’

Kendrick Lamar still has the attention of the masses. In a new interview with VICE’s i-D, K.Dot chats with the online pub about a potpourri of topics such as how it was to meet and work with Dr. Dre, how his collaboration with Drake came about, what kind of son he was to his parents, how London’s dreary weather is influencing his new album and if he would pursue projects outside of the music spectrum. Here are a few excerpts from the interview:

What kind of a son where you when you were younger?
I was a good son, respectful, I never disrespected my mother, I never disrespected my father intentionally. Probably some of the things I did, outside of the house were a little bit outlandish, but as far as verbal disrespect or inner presence disrespect, never, so, I was a good son.

What happened in your first meeting with Dre?
I was very excited, I wasn’t nervous at all. I was more excited, ’cause I knew that this was my shot, everything that l’ve worked for, everything I’ve built up to came down to that moment.

Can you see yourself moving to projects outside of music like he does with Beats?
Yeah definitely. You know when you conquer one thing, you want to move on to the next and be able to challenge yourself? He inspired me to want to do that, once l get the years behind me, of being exceptionally great at music.

What do your lyrics say about you as a person?
My lyrics say that I have morals, say that I have confidence, say I have weaknesses, say I have strong points, say l am a human being.

How have you been enjoying London?
I love it. Y’all weather’s a bit gloomy right now, I like gloomy weather, I work best and do most of my album under gloomy weather, so you’ll hear a lot of dark tracks in there.

Read the entire interview on i-D.

Photo Credit: Getty Images