Kim Kardashian Faces Racist Men While On $500K Date?


This has to be the worst date in history for Kim Kardashian.

Paid $500,000 by billionaire Richard Lugner to be his date, Kim Kardashian attended a lavish ball in Vienna, Austria where she was approached by one racist lame after another.

When the reality star was posing for the cameras with Lugner, one man walked up to her dressed in black face and began impersonating her fiancé Kanye West. However, Kim had to star another hour and a half.

And when she was asked by a second man for a dance and declined, he then asked her if she would change her mind about dancing with him if the orchestra played “N***ers in Vienna”—a racist twist on West’s “N***ers in Paris” hit.

Later on in an interview, Lugner throw a lot of shade at the modern day Marilyn Monroe. “Kim is annoying me” he stated.

Nori’s mom also relieved that her billionaire date was at times, quite aggressive and even asked her to tell her security to swerve.