LeToya Luckett on Vintage Beyonce Shade: ‘Everybody Knew Their Role’

Destiny CHild Interview

It’s been years since the original Destiny’s Child lineup graced a television screen, but fans were up in arms when an old interview of the foursome hit the net. In it, a young Kelly Rowland claims to be the ‘second lead vocalist’ and upon doing so Beyonce is accused of throwing shade at her comment by coughing. While none of the original four went out their way to address the throwback interview, LeToya Luckett shed light on the now controversial video.

“I suddenly start getting texts on a particular day, I guess as soon as it surfaced and they were like, ‘your face.’ And I was like, ‘What face? What are you talking about?’ So I went and I looked and I died laughing because I don’t even know where that came from or why we were looking like that.” The former group member told MTV during a Single Ladies promotions interview. The singer insist “people are making it out to be something that it was not” because “what if the girl had to cough?” She asked the network.

“[What Kelly said] was the truth–everybody knew their role. It was a real team, like, we were team players. B was first lead, Kelly was second lead, I was soprano, and [La]Tavia was the alto and she was the spokesperson. Everybody knew their lane so no one ever stepped in anyone else’s lane. That’s how every team should work.” While she cleared the air on the truth behind the video, she understood why the video has been retweeted, shared, meme’d, and regrammed across all social networks.

“Our faces were hilarious, I did something crazy with my eyes, and now I’m like, ‘Why did I do that? That’s so mean,’ ” the Single Ladies’ star said. “But I don’t think it was made, because what she said was so true, and we all knew that.”

So there you have it: another day and another accusation cleared about a celebrity.

In case you live under a rock and haven’t seen the video, flip the page to watch it.