Lip Service: R. Kelly Talks Love Vs. Sex, Breakups


The Pied Piper of R&B recites familiar love notes

“Bump N’ Grind,” R. Kelly (1994)
Angela Yee: In the age of social media over-sharing, is there still nothing wrong with a little bump and grind?
R. Kelly: I think everything is OK as long as it’s legal and you’re with somebody that wants to be with you. Unfortunately you’ll run into people that’s all gain. They’ll try to come at you for money or whatever reason.
Does a woman’s past bother you? If she’s vocal about it, like, I’ve been with Usher, Chris Brown…
It depends. You sit them down and say, “Listen, you ain’t to brag about who you know.”
Keep it on the down low.
I usually don’t be around the name droppers.

“When A Woman’s Fed Up” R. Kelly (1998)
What are some signs that a woman is through with you?
When she don’t even want to argue anymore. You come home and she’s gone. You call her mama’s house, her best friend. You can’t find or get in touch with her.
Have you ever pushed someone to that point?
Back in the day I may have had a couple of breakups where we got fed up. I was willing to work it out and she wasn’t—then we actually worked it out and I didn’t feel it no more. It was a rollercoaster relationship.
What kind of arguer are you—do you yell?
Depends on the argument. I’ve yelled, hell yeah. You go at each other and end up making up or breaking up.

“Do Me, Baby,” Prince (1982)
Could you love somebody if the sex isn’t great?
Absolutely. You can be in love with somebody and the sex isn’t great.
Which would you prefer, though? Passionate lust or making love?
I’d rather make love.
So much for sticking keys in ignitions.
When you say “make love” you’re talking true love, like marriage. Somebody you want to have your kids, and you die old together. If I had a choice, I would make love like that.
Would you ever date outside of your race?
I’ve dated outside my race. It doesn’t matter to me. Look, if you’re funny and we have things in common, I’m cool.