LOL: Bruno Mars Pranks A Nurse On ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’

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Ellen DeGeneres sure knows how to bring on the laughs. Aside from being her guest on the show, Bruno Mars had to play a hand in pranking an unsuspecting (and extremely patient) nurse. As he was being checked on backstage for a fake throat ailment, Ellen was feeding him things to say via earpiece. No matter how ridiculous the statement, request or unfinished anecdote was, he had to say it out loud.

During the checkup, he told Nurse Brenda he hadn’t swallowed since the Super Bowl, asked her to remove her shoes and even clucked like a chicken. It’s safe to say that the nurse probably thought he had a couple screws loose before he filled her in on the joke. The hilarious session was all caught on hidden camera. Take a look above. Be prepared to laugh out loud.