Ludacris’ Baby Mother Demands 15k in Child Support



Ludacris is learning bad decisions have expensive outcomes.

If you’ve been secluded from the world, last year the Fast and Furious star fathered a daughter–Cai Bridges–outside of his relationship with Eudoxie. Ever since news broke, the rapper has been back and forth in court with his baby’s mother, Tamika Fuller, trying to agree on a child support agreement.

Fuller recently requested a monthly stipend of $15,000 for their daughter, but Luda has been fighting to keep the payments under $2,000. According to TMZ, he claimed to have only made $55,000 last year since Paul Walker’s untimely death halted Fast and Furious 7 filming. He also told the judge he was relying on the money from the sequel, but when it didn’t resume– neither did his payments.

The judge ruled in neither favor and split their request down the middle. Until the court reviews all his finances, he’s ordered to pay 7k for his 2 month old.

Vixens, is $7,000 enough or should he have to pay more?