Maurice Hennessy Gives A Glimpse Into The World Of Hennessy


Hennessy has long been the leading name when it comes to cognacs. Started over 250 years ago by Richard Hennessy in the town of Cognac in southwest France, the luxury brandy now boasts some 60 different blends that are aged between three to seven years. Since its inception, Hennessy has become the most sold cognac in the world.

VIBE sat down with Maurice Hennessy, a 7th generation ancestor to the Hennessy family and current global ambassador for the refined cognac line that also bares his name. Mr. Hennessy, who also makes wine in his spare time, schooled us on the company’s roots, most expensive bottle and also delved into hip-hop’s love for the “Very Special Cognac.” Learn more about Hennessy in the video above.