Meet Beyonce’s Little Brother Before She Does


Beyonce and Matthew Knowles

According to Inside EditionBeyonce isn’t the only one distancing herself from her father’s scandalous affairs and baby mama drama.

During a 30+ year marriage with Tina Knowles, Matthew Knowles had an 18-month affair with Alexsandra Wright and fathered a child, Nixon Alexander Knowles.

Today, a frustrated Wright tells Inside Edition’s Jim Moret that she’s “tried everything to not have it public, but unfortunately that’s just not the way that Matthew chose to deal with this.” After a paternity test proved that Matthew was the father, he was ordered to pay child support to Wright. However, he barely sees Nixon and now owes around $32k  in support fees. Alexsandra claims she has since had to file for public assistance.

She also affirms that before Beyonce had Blue Ivy, the now-divorced father suggested giving their son to the Carters so they could raise him as their’s. “I don’t expect Beyonce to take accountability. It’s not her problem. It’s not her situation… I’m going to fight, and I’m going to fight the next day because that’s the only way to give him his identity.”

No word from Knowles’ camp, but he’s denying all associations with the term “deadbeat dad.”

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Photo Credit: Getty Images