Miami Crooner Austin Paul Releases The Final Installment Of His EP Trilogy


20-year-old Miami native Austin Paul, whose music has a unique, blending, soulful, and bluesy sound, has released the final installment of his EP trilogy. Revival is the cadence EP. The EP’s three tracks demonstrates the growth of Paul as a writer and producer with more of an upbeat and raw sound.

“I just wanted to make music for people like me, who are passionate about expressing themselves,” says Paul. “Through individuality and expression comes understanding. When we begin to understand each other, then we’re connecting, relating and communicating.”

The first installment of the trilogy was the debut Velvet, which was released last spring. The second installment, Disparia, was released months after Velvet in late July. Paul’s EP trilogy tells his life story with a narrative arc that starts with describing moments, memories and experiences.

Check out all three EP’s here.