Michael Ealy on His Surprise Marriage- ‘The Timing Of It Was Right’

Michael Ealy for Rolling Out

Onscreen, Michael Ealy is the idealistic man many of us hope for, but he’s so taken offscreen. The longtime bachelor quietly  married his girlfriend of four years, Khatira Rafiqzada, in 2012 and is finally talking about it.

With two romantic comedies on deck for 2014 (Think Like a Man 2 and About Last Night) , Ealy is on the promo trailand during a sit down with Rolling Out Magazine, the usually private actor dished on his decision to jump the broom:

“When you find someone — and that’s something that is very hard to do, but when you find someone that you actually want to spend the rest of your life with, you have to go for it. I was just very lucky that the stars lined up for me. I’ve found that for me, the timing of it was right … that’s all that I can really say. And that’s a personal decision that was not made in haste, because we were together for four years.”