Michelle Obama Promotes ‘Let’s Move’ Campaign In Hilarious ‘Tonight Show’ Skit

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Imagine being a teenage girl and inviting the First Lady over for a gossip sesh. That’s just what a gender-bending Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell did in The Tonight Show‘s “Ew” sketch guest starring Michelle Obama. A brace faced “Sara” (Fallon) and her friend Stacy (Ferrell) are discussing a bevy of teenager-approved topics (like One Direction’s Harry Styles) before inviting the FLOTUS to their basement for a discussion about the Olympics and ultimately–exercise.

After Sara complains that exercise is “ew,” Mrs. Obama insteads offers tips on how to find something that works for you.

“Exercise is not ew! You just have to find an activity that’s right for you. For example, I like to dance, play tennis and even do some push-ups,” she says before jumping into a dance party with the hilarious comedians.

Barack’s righthand woman continues to spearhead her Let’s Move! campaign to get America’s kids living a healthier lifestyle.

via VIBE Vixen