Miley Cyrus May be a Little Too Raunchy to Tour


Miley Cyrus "Bangerz Tour" - Tour Opener - Vancouver, BC


Although we are not surprised about the level of raunch that Miley has been giving on her Bangerz tour, she may be taking it a bit too far with her sexual antics. Miley has no shame with her sexuality; but when you are performing in a show that has no parental advisory ratings, you may want to filter yourself.

Parents and displeased fans are so upset with Cyrus’ performance, that they want the entire Bangerz tour shut down. MusicFix reports that Cyrus’ management team has been bombarded with complaints, saying that her performance is just too inappropriate for her young fans, calling it a “porn show.” Miley graciously responded to her complainers via Twitter and it’s clear that she is un-phased by the complaints considering Bangerz went platinum today. There’s nothing that can bring her down at this point, especially not some disgruntled fans.


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Photo Credit: Getty Images