Miss Info Discusses Her Experiences With ‘The Tanning Of America’


Few people embody hip-hop’s cool better than Miss Info, so she sat down with VH1 to talk about Steve Stoute’s new documentary “The Tanning of America”. In the interview, the veteran journalist discusses how hip-hop changed her life at an early age. She explains that in the late 80’s and early 90’s, you had to seek rap music out. Hip-Hop wasn’t quite the cultural phenomenon that it is today. Fans went out of their way to find it and shared a stronger common kinship with those who did the same. Miss Info was just a hip-hop head from Chicago, and after landing a gig at MTV writing news for Sway, he invited her to join him at HOT97, and Miss Info’s radio career was born. “I wouldn’t be who I am if I didn’t fall in love with that music,” she says. “It gave me a voice or a self-confidence that I actually still struggle to live up to, so I just keep listening to the music and I keep living the culture because I feel like it gives me the backbone that I want.” That’s as real as it gets. Watch the short clip below. — Max Weinstein