Missy Elliott Explains Nine-Year Music Hiatus

It’s been nine years since Missy Elliott was flipping bars but the Misdemeanor has addressed her lengthy absence from the music scene in a new interview with Michael Yo on Yahoo!’s The Yo Show.

“When I create something, it’s gotta be special and it can’t just be to throw something out there because I feel like I’m Missy,” the 42-year-old female MC said. “I gotta feel like what I’m giving the fans is 100 percent and that it’s game-changing. I don’t just throw out microwave records.”

Missy’s seventh studio effort Block Party has been in the works for a while now but is yet to see a release date. Back in September 2012, she tapped longtime collaborator Timbaland for her tracks “9th Inning” and “Triple Threat.”

When Yo asked her if writer’s block contributed to her absence, Missy responded, “Just being inspired by things is what I’m grabbing for because music is different now,” before elaborating, “Not to say that it’s bad, it’s just different now, so I’m just trying to make sure that what I give is 100 percent because I know that expectations is high from my fans and it’s high of myself.”

While Missy figures out her next move, fans can look forward to her collaboration with former roommate Faith Evans on Faith’s upcoming album Incomparable.

Check out the full interview below:

Photo Credit: Getty