Motherhood Made Alicia Keys a Feminist

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Would you consider Alicia Keys a feminist? During an interview with MSN’s Wonderwall, she dished on motherhood and how it’s helped her see the beauty in womanhood. Although gender inequality remains an ongoing issue in society today, the “Fallen” singer is sparking change by exceeding the status quo and assuming the “superwoman” role.

“I am honored to be raising a son and to be the example [for him] of what a woman is, should be or can be — I find that to be a really powerful position,” she says. “My mother was an absolute self-pronounced feminist. I think I have that same desire to uplift the female race, so to be able to raise a man who can also uplift and respect women in the world is a really big honor.”

Not only is Alicia a singer and songwriter; she’s also an actress, director, producer and most importantly: family woman; a true powerhouse of a woman!

Photo Credit: Getty Images