Motorola Plans To Make Their New Product Wearable Like Jewelry


Some technology gurus are wrapping up their stay at the Mobile World Congress Convention in Barcelona, Spain, but some vendors are still showing off their newest products and pitching their great money-making ideas.

With new products like Google Glass hitting the market, Motorola, who was just purchased by tech giant Lenovo, plans to head into the tech wearables department. It’s currently working on a watch-like wearable device that is short from “ugly,” according to its team. Motorola’s goal is to turn technology into wearable jewelry. The emphasis is on style. Although Motorola is not known for producing a product that focuses more on look, Motorola is confident enough that their new product will make consumers want to buy it just because of how it looks.

“There are some real user problems [with existing product], such as there is no wearable you want to wear. All of them are extremely ugly,” says Rick Osterloh, the SVP product management of Motorola. Motorola will be launching their “pretty” and “stylish” product later this year.

Photo Credit: Josep Lago