10 Movies That Make Drugs Seem Fun


Hey, drugs are bad. You know this, we know this and our (hypothetical) drug dealers know this. They’re expensive, they make you focus on silly things like the spinning blades of your ceiling fan, and they’re expensive. They also cost too much money. And they’re definitely too expensive.

But even though we do not condone drug usage, we know drug movies can be a lot of fun. Whether you prefer your drug movies to include bizarre visuals and exaggerated effects that simulate the drug experience or simple smiles and jokes about drug usage, we’ve got you covered here.

With or without experience in the world of mind-altering substances, these 10 movies make drug use seem really, really fun. And please, don’t blame us because you lost your job after you became inspired to start drinking gasoline. Keep that stuff in the movies and just have fun by watching the characters onscreen.