New Music: Khary Durgans ‘Love+Anchors’ Mixtape


In a world responsible for Chance The Rapper and Young Thug, the young’uns continue to break through the gates of hip-hop, equipped with only a sharp pen and an empty pad. Meet 21-year-old Khary Durgans, who scribes rhymes on trips to the bar while aspiring for fame sans liquid courage. Whether checking for a chick dripping in Urban Outfitters swag with impeccable music taste (“X Marks The Spot Where Lost Treasures Are Found”) or hollering at the next opportunity to make it big despite personal conflicts (“AHOY”), Durgans represents for the nice dudes with some nice dreams. Here, the Rhode Island rapper lays the foundation for a promising career with his debut project Love+Anchors. Set sail with the SoundCloud below.